Wednesday, July 11, 2018


1. Handling fruit 
• Many fruits are sprayed with pesticides and contain dirt.  
• Before eating fruits not enclosed in a peel, rinse them off. 
2. Cooking vegetables 
• Boil certain vegetables such as carrots, zucchini and squash to soften them before frying them.  
• Use just enough oil to cover the bottom of the skillet. 

3. Cooking meat  
• If you choose to fry meats, cook them in grease or vegetable oil on both sides with enough oil to cover half of the meat.  
• Reduce cooking time by having your oil hot before putting meat into the skillet.  
• Generally fry chicken for 9 minutes on each side then simmer it for two minutes on each side with a lid covering the skillet to soften the meat; however, you should first cook all pieces for 11-12 minutes on each side if not enough of their redness disappears by the time the 9th minute arrives.   
• Prior to cooking, pork chops and steak should be covered in store-bought marinade.  
• To tenderize steak, beat each side with a cooking mallet - do this step before doing a marinade.  
• Broil steak, pork chops and fish on each side to save time, enhance taste and protect your health - eight minutes total for pork chops, 18 - 20 minutes total for steak.  
• Use coating for chicken and fish for better taste. 

4. Preparing meat to freeze  
• It helps to measure the amount of foods such as ground beef you're putting in a plastic freezer bag before freezing it.  
• If your package of beef weighs five pounds, split it in half and put each half into separate bags with 2.5 lbs written on both of them. 

5. Thawing out meat 
• Meat that has bone in it generally takes longer to thaw.  
• Chicken and steak are perfect examples of this with beef being an exception even though it has no bone.  
• If you must keep these meats on the kitchen counter or sink instead of the refrigerator for a few hours, soak them in cold water after the first hour or so. 

6. Dicing and chopping onions and other items 
• If you must cut something such as an onion into small pieces, first cut it into big slices then mash those slices with a large, sharp knife, working your way all around your pile with the blade tip down. 

7. How to stop cutting board from turning while you tenderize meat
• Hold center edge of cutting board with the tips of the fingers of one hand pointing north and your thumb pointing south.
• You may also insert pot holders under the board. 

8. Making tortilla shells crispier
• Have the fire on while filling your burritos or wraps then cook them over high fire for at least 3 minutes on each side.

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