Wednesday, September 6, 2017

How to cook omelets/Nutrition tips

Cooking omelets
1. Fully cook raw sausage - while doing this, cut up a bell pepper, an onion, a tomato and mushrooms - you can save time by dicing most of the tomato at once instead of cutting it into slices before dicing it. 

2. After cooking these ingredients together with cheese on top, beat two eggs and a few drops of water for each omelet. 

3. Pour this into a buttered skillet and start frying it. 

4. As it cooks, sprinkle it with salt, pepper and perhaps dill weed. 

How can you make the omelet less messy to take out? The next two steps cover that:

5. Once the dish has cooked for a few minutes, mix in your prepared ingredients on the left side of the omelet then cover up this portion with the other side of omelet. 

6. When it's done, pour it onto a plate from the skillet with your wrist flipped.

Nutrition advice
It's best to eat a balanced diet, eating foods from all major food groups in moderation. Eat lean meat and white meat frequently instead of always eating red meat. You'll get protein from eating meat and cheese, get calcium from milk and cheese, get carbohydrates for energy from eating bread and whole grains, etc.

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