Monday, March 5, 2018

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As required by FTC, I reveal that I make money through ads displayed. Links to retail affiliate items I provide originate from Viglink. Before I begin running any new banner from Commission Junction, I vet the advertiser's website - I also look for reviews on the advertiser and will drop an advertiser upon discovering too many bad reviews on them. I don't track your activity from CJ other than to report my impressions and clicks plus you may delete cookies at any time.
The way you take in food should be done the right way. Preparing, cooking and storing your food in an ideal way will take your culinary pleasure a long way.  

By being required to begin cooking dinner for the household soon after the 2008 presidential election, I learned to cook various foods and use certain techniques in some cases for more efficiency. Consequently, I've come to enjoy cooking. 

I created this site based on my personal cooking and eating experience. Eating is one of life's best pleasures. You should make the most of this pleasure by making your food taste better, handling your food safely and getting the nutrients you need. 

How can you enhance your culinary experience? Seven tips to prepare and cook food are discussed on homepage.

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